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Hi Silvina C, GWM takes any complaints or concerns expressed very seriously. As such we have referred your review onto our Compliance Department. In accordance with our procedures your case will be fully investigated and responded to as soon as possible.


I was misled by GWM Dubai into signing up for an RL360 policy while I was living there. Naively I trusted the financial adviser who misled me, to later find out that not he was NOT a qualified financial manager but they get the most commission the longer policies they sell (25+ years).

Later got advised by two independent financial advisers, one of whom (a qualified one) had previously worked for GWM Dubai who told me they were all trained to mislead people into setting up long policies because they earn based on commission.

I took them to court in Dubai and still lost because. Unfortunately, the judicial system in Dubai (UAE) is not mature, it is behind in terms of human rights, it is not there to serve the people but the interests of corporations.

I didn't have evidence of the 'financial advisor' misleading me (in retrospect now I can see he was not interested in my financial needs but only in selling me a 25+ years policy) - they are very careful not to write emails but rather make phone calls or meet face to face, not leaving a trace of the conversations.

My piece of advice: run away from these people as far as you can. You'll never win.

Guardian Wealth Management Cons: Scam, Inexperience of staff, Bad customer service.

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Same here, surrendering my policy is also a big issue.


I'm having this exact same experience. I'm considering surrendering my policy and just cutting my losses at this point because I think it can only get worse at this point. Very disappointing.