I have lost 40,000 Euros to these crooks. Be aware, they are selling you Structured Notes, pretending that they are capital protected.

This is a big lie! All that these products are giving is a high commission to this unethical company, and leave you with a policy that is crippling day by day.

I couldn't understand why my values kept on diminishing, instead of increasing, and when I looked through the cash flow it appeared that from 60% up to a 100% were lost on several assets. Then they tell you "it's only virtual losses - your capital is protected". It's a big lie.

When I asked for explanation, they don't even reply.

As an expat, you cannot complain, because they are hiding in Dubai, Channel Islands, Guernsey and Switzerland, where you cannot even complain to the financial regulatory authority. EXPAT stay away!

Reason of review: Loss.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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