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Dear Mr. Charles,

We are responding to your complaint on here as we are unable to find any trace of you on our client systems. Our Customer Care team has attempted to contact you on numerous occasions however the information you have submitted is incorrect. We are keen to understand more about any issues you have had with the quality of service delivered by Guardian and any of our employees. If you e-mail us on with the correct contact information we will endeavor to resolve your problems and provide you with the same service enjoyed by our 7,000 very happy clients.

As an aside we can confirm that we are fully regulated in all jurisdictions in which we operate, specifically in Dubai by SCA; Securities and Commodities Authority and in Germany via our UK Chartered, FCA Authorised branch. It is sadly becoming common practice for competitors to post spurious claims on these sites under the guise of disgruntled customers and, given the lack of accurate contact information and the baseless accusations it would seem likely that this posting is another sad example of such behavior.
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They sold me a series of products that did not fit my risk profile and/or financial aspirations. When I requested my financial adviser ring me back all I got was an obnoxious little bully called John Hasberry on the call. I found this little man an arrogant and un-responsible individual who didn't seem to understand the basics of what they were consulting on.

I don't think this guy was even qualified - felt like a double glazing salesman if you get my drift.

Really not impressed by this company - suggest you stay away from them.

When i started to dig into this company I found a few worrying things that didn't seem to make sense.

For existing customers I would suggest you ask them whether they really operate under license in all these jurisdictions - in particular Germany and Dubai.

They also seem to have a chequered history re their English past and references to wrong doings with Marlene Shelton and references to code of ethics.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $235000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Guardian Wealth Management Pros: Sales pitch.

Guardian Wealth Management Cons: Ethics.

Location: Dubai, Dubai

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John Hasberry is actually the CEO of the firm funny enough I agree with what you posted. All of these firms are chop-shop operations, unethical salesman they don't even care about their employees.

Same with Credence Independent Advisers, Globaleye, PIC deVere Group. Also watch for that dirty *** Craig Ferguson too.