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Guardian takes legitimate complaints and concerns very seriously. Should you have a genuine complaint please contact us in writing in the first instance. Your nearest office can be found at Our Quality Procedures ensure your case will be investigated and responded to within 8 weeks of your letter; sooner if possible. Following an initial review of these comments, there seems to be some confusion over the regulatory requirements within Qatar for providing financial planning advice. Guardian Wealth Management (GWM) is fully authorised and regulated by the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority (QFCRA), registration number 00113. GWM is one of only three authorised companies to provide financial planning advice where clients benefit from the protection of the QFCRA. The QFCRA upholds the very highest standards of quality assurance and is viewed by its peers as one of the most stringent regulators in the world. It is for this reason there are only 3 companies which have successfully been authorised by the QFCRA and is testament to its effectiveness in protecting clients and preventing rogue companies from spurious authorisation. It is vitally important that when seeking financial advice in Qatar that you undertake due diligence to ensure that you are fully protected in the event of mis-selling, malpractice and in some cases, fraud. Failure to ensure that you are protected could result in significant losses with little or no recourse through official complaints procedures. GWM’s registration details can be viewed here: GWM’s scope of advice can be viewed here: If you feel you have legitimate grounds for a complaint then please contact us in writing in the first instance: Head of Compliance, Guardian Wealth Management Qatar LLC, 5th Floor, Qatar Financial Centre, Qatar. Please outline the nature of your complaint, when the issues arose, where the policy commenced and by whom it was proposed. Please also include any relevant policy numbers and previous communications you have if possible. Unless your complaint is resolved within 1 business day you will receive regular updates from GWM as follows: - a written acknowledgement within 5 business days of GWM receiving your complaint; - within 4 weeks of GWM receiving your complaint, a final response or an explanation of why the complaint has not been resolved, together with an indication of when the firm will next contact you; and - within 8 weeks of GWM receiving your complaint, a final response or an explanation of why a response has been delayed and notification that you may refer your complaint to the CDRS. Although rare, with over 7,000 satisfied clients, we do understand that mistakes can happen and Guardian will work hard to ensure that your issues are resolved to your satisfaction. Head of Compliance, Guardian Wealth Management
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Investors and expats beware. Guardian Wealth management that operate in Qatar are not licensed to give you full advice.

Many of their consultants are giving advice that is not covered by the license that they hold.

There is only one dedicated expat financial advisory company within Qatar to give expats the complete advice that they need. That company is Qatar Broker International -

Do not trust Guardian Wealth Management, contact the regulators immediately should they contact you.

The regulators website is -

Guardian's address in Qatar is:

QFC Tower 1, 5th Floor

West Bay

Doha, Qatar


Tel: +974 4491 5355

Fax: +974 4491 5367

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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