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Guardian takes legitimate complaints and concerns very seriously. Should you have a genuine complaint please contact us in writing in the first instance. Your nearest office can be found at Our Quality Procedures ensure your case will be investigated and responded to within 8 weeks of your letter; sooner if possible. Following an initial review of your comments I find a number of your points confusing. The EEA Life Fund has never been classified as a scam, as confirmed by a UK investor further down the thread. I would be interested to understand your thoughts on the current status of your investment as you will be pleased to hear that you are unlikely to have lost your life savings. Also, Guardian Wealth Management trades as Guardian Life Management (GLM) in Hong Kong and is fully authorised by the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers (HKCIB), details of which can be found by searching here: Although at first glance I find some of these comments spurious it is important that all concerns are investigated fully. In order for GLM to address legitimate concerns efficiently and effectively please outline the nature of your complaint, when the issues arose, where the policy commenced and by whom it was proposed. Please also include any relevant policy numbers and previous communications you have if possible. Unless your complaint is resolved within 1 business day you will receive regular updates from GLM as follows: - a written acknowledgement within 5 business days of GLM receiving your complaint; - within 4 weeks of GLM receiving your complaint, a final response or an explanation of why the complaint has not been resolved, together with an indication of when the firm will next contact you; and - within 8 weeks of GLM receiving your complaint, a final response or an explanation of why a response has been delayed and notification that you may refer your complaint to the relevant authority which will be discussed at that stage. Although rare, with over 7,000 satisfied clients, we do understand that mistakes can happen and Guardian will work hard to ensure that your issues are resolved to your satisfaction. Head of Compliance, Guardian Life Management
Kansas City, Missouri

In 2009 I was sold the EEA Life Settlements Fund by Guardian Wealth Management in Hong Kong

I was cold called a number of times, and eventually I agreed for a meeting to discuss my finances

When I was met by the financial adviser, it was soon very obvious that this man was simply a sales man. He started pushing the EEA Life Settlements Fund even though I hadnt discussed my requirements.

He advised that I would get 10% per year garanteed. He told me that he was regulated by the FSA in the UK and that made he the best adviser

Over 2 years later I have lost everything. I put in £80,000 into the EEA Life Settlements Fund. I was given valuations each year which did show an increase, but I have now found out that it was all a scam and the fund has now collapsed

I have researched into Guardian Wealth Management to file a complaint. I have found out that they are working in Hong Kong illegally and without a license. Many of their advisers work out of their bedroom and dont actually have an office.

Do not speak to these *** artists. ***** ****** the CEO in the UK is a *** artist, and all the advisers are hardcore sales men who will push produccts on you.

Be warned! they will be knocking on your door very soon

Please post your comments from other ripped off people

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Guardian life management have only had an office in Hong Kong since January 2012 so how did they sell you this fund in 2009? Joker! Get your facts right before you start posting rubbish.


Do not trust this company. I can't believe I trusted them


UKMAN is right. Margaret Cole should be strung up from Tower Bridge for her unfounded, reckless comments that has near destroyed a worthy investment company and its customers savings!

Gavin Pluck

You are full of it! I have asked you for my money back and you have told me to get stuffed! You never answer my calls or emails!



Hi Scammedandangry,

I'm sorry to hear of your problems at the hands of Guardian Wealth Mgmt.I can't comment on them as I've never heard of them before.

However, I too have a considerable sum trapped inside EEA Life Settlements and what I can tell you is that the fund is certainly not a scam. It was/is a well run and well audited fund. It has not collapsed but frozen investors from making withdrawals as a response to investor panic following an ill-advised and frankly insane comment by Margaret Cole of the FSA. It is interesting to see that one of her comments - likening Life Settlement Funds to Ponzi Schemes - has been redacted by the FSA and she is now on gardening leave.

As a direct result? You decide. So where does this leave us? I know that EEA amongst others are now in a consultation process with the FSA.

The FSA surely won't admit its ***-up as such bodies simply can't, but I suspect something will be worked out. The fund is able to keep paying its premiums until the end of this year.

The worst case is that it will be wound up after this time and you and I may lose some of our money during this process.I am optimistic that it won't happen but if it does, don't blame EEA - blame the insane FSA in the UK.