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Guardian takes legitimate complaints and concerns very seriously. Should you have a genuine complaint please contact us in writing in the first instance. Your nearest office can be found at Our Quality Procedures ensure your case will be investigated and responded to within 8 weeks of your letter; sooner if possible. Following an initial review of your comments I find a number of your points confusing. The EEA Life Fund has never been classified as a scam, as confirmed by an investor further down the thread. I would be interested to understand your thoughts on the current status of your investment as you will be pleased to hear that you are unlikely to have lost your life savings. If you have genuine concerns regarding the qualifications of the Planner who gave you advice then I urge you to write to us so that this can be investigated. Guardian works to the very highest standards set by Regulators and all Advisors are fully qualified and authorised to provide advice within GWM’s scope of service in that region. The standards, qualifications and scope of authorisation can be found within GWM’s Terms of Business or by contacting your local Regulator directly. Details of your nearest Regulator can be found here: In order for Guardian to address legitimate concerns efficiently and effectively please outline the nature of your complaint, when the issues arose, where the policy commenced and by whom it was proposed. Please also include any relevant policy numbers and previous communications you have if possible. Unless your complaint is resolved within 1 business day you will receive regular updates from GWM as follows: - a written acknowledgement within 5 business days of GWM receiving your complaint; - within 4 weeks of GWM receiving your complaint, a final response or an explanation of why the complaint has not been resolved, together with an indication of when the firm will next contact you; and - within 8 weeks of GWM receiving your complaint, a final response or an explanation of why a response has been delayed and notification that you may refer your complaint to the relevant authority which will be discussed at that stage. Although rare, with over 7,000 satisfied clients, we do understand that mistakes can happen and Guardian will work hard to ensure that your issues are resolved to your satisfaction. Head of Compliance, Guardian Wealth Management
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What ever you do! DO NOT SPEAK TO ANYONE AT Guardian Wealth Management!

They DO NOT have financial advisers, they ONLY HAVE SALES people. High pressure sale people.

I was rail roaded into investing my lifes savings into the EEA Life Settlement Fund. They promised me at least 12% a year return with my money being safe


The EEA Life Settlement Fund has collapsed and Guardian Wealth Management are telling me its MY fault!


I am gald that these blogs about Guardian Wealth Management are now coming out, its clear to see I am not the only one thats been riped off

David Howell is nothing but a fat greedy selfish lier!

Many others have been ripped off with Guardian Wealth Management and the EEA Life Settlement Fund

Reason of review: Not as described.

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The EEA fund certainly wasn't a scam, you haven't lost all your money (although it going to take a few years before you get it all back) and all the money certainly isn't in your advisers pocket (although he did get a small percentage)

Did you get to vote in the recent round of restructuring for the fund?


Agree.Something should be done about these guys.

I am also owed money by them and the way they operate stinks.They even go into hospitals and steal information about patients that they can eventually call and pester to sell their stinking products to.


I was also riipped off with the fraud EEA Life Settlement Fund

All the money has gone to David Howell's offshore bank account