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Guardian takes legitimate complaints and concerns very seriously. Should you have a genuine complaint please contact us in writing in the first instance. Your nearest office can be found here. Our Quality Procedures ensure your case will be investigated and responded to within 8 weeks of your letter; sooner if possible. Following an initial review of your comments, there seems to be some confusion over the processing of your application, however without further details I am unable to explore further. Your mention of Hungary is also quite confusing as GWM has never had a presence in this jurisdiction and I would be interested to learn more about this. I would also like to understand more about the problems you faced when attempting to open an account and the nature in which the advice was given; to which you refer to in quite a negative light. Please outline the nature of your complaint, when the issues arose, where the policy commenced and by whom it was proposed. Please also include any relevant policy numbers and previous communications you have if possible. Unless your complaint is resolved within 1 business day you will receive regular updates from GWM as follows: - a written acknowledgement within 5 business days of GWM receiving your complaint; - within 4 weeks of GWM receiving your complaint, a final response or an explanation of why the complaint has not been resolved, together with an indication of when the firm will next contact you; and - within 8 weeks of GWM receiving your complaint, a final response or an explanation of why a response has been delayed and notification that you may refer your complaint to the relevant authority which will be discussed at that stage. As you were unable to formally open the account, you may prefer to not make a formal complaint, in which case, please write to me and I will look into the events around your application to find a resolution. Although rare, with over 7,000 satisfied clients, we do understand that mistakes can happen and Guardian will work hard to ensure that your issues are resolved to your satisfaction. Head of Compliance, Guardian Wealth Management
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The financial advisor was fairly pushy throughout but against my better judgement I signed up to a savings scheme from Luxembourg. After the first consultation, he looked into some savings options (or so he said) and said I was morally obliged to sign-up thanks to all his hard work.

Anyway, I had a look at the account and it seemed fine so I went ahead with the process. He ticked all the security check boxes for me and said he'd deal with the paper work.

After I handed over all my details, I heard nothing for weeks. I emailed him for an update - nothing.

Then I got a letter from a company in Hungary - not sure why they were suddenly based there - merely stating 'Your application for the account has been rejected'. That was it. i contact Guardian Wealth Management to explain. The advisor didn't respond, so I contacted the office in Hong Kong. I eventually got a response saying they'd look into it but surprisingly, I received nothing.

So basically, something went wrong and they cut off all contact. What a nice bunch...

I'd really recommend against these arrogant, pushy and untrustworthy bunch.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So what's the complaint?That you got rejected you loser?