I had the worst experience ever and their unprofessional-ism, incompetence of the advisers and insincerity were continuously on display by staff and top management alike. Beware! They can sell ice during winter but then will drop you and will let you sink while they are cashing out big bonuses.

No point complaining to Financial Ombudsmen as GWM have set their legal structure in a "smart" way - you will waist your time, health and money and they will continue to get hefty rewards from your unfortunate investments, bear no responsibility and continue to lie about their values on their website which they do not uphold.

You would expect their advisers to be technically competent but unfortunately most of them have no clue and do not understand (and frankly do not care beyond the sales point) the complexity of international investments, tax frameworks, regulations etc. You are on your own!

I have lost 100% of my investment with GWM mainly due to the incompetence of the advisers and them simply not understanding the importance of the information they have received from the fund and not passing it over to their client.

They have promised to share the outcomes of the investigation and gave me the "we take complaints seriously" line, but if their CEO doesn't care about clients, what do you expect from the rest of the employees? As they say: "A fish rots from the head down".

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Guardian Wealth Management Cons: How my complaint was handled.

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My wife and I have had the same experience only we lost all our savings/pension, over 300k. Never trust theses people.


I have 2 years before I can extricate myself from the funds that GWM set up for me, and when I do I will write chapter and verse on this appalling and frankly incompetent firm that I trusted my money to. I have not lost money but I've lost the opportunity to make a decent return and the result so far is that I could have made the same return by putting it in a low-interest savings account.

The real beneficiaries have been GWM who have collected the fees that have been made from my investments. I didn't realise it at the time that despite me telling them I would be moving back to the UK within 6 months they put my funds into offshore funds with exorbitant charges that are acknowledged as being there to fleece expats.

I have complained but they simply shrugged off the poor performance on "market forces" which I have proven was not the case, although they seem to have ignored my response to that. Lack of customer service, lack of continuity of financial advisors (lack for a period of any financial advisor at all) they GWM are to be avoided at all costs.


Same experience

Kirsty G

I agree with this posting. I have just lost a huge amount of money. You're better off sticking your money in a 0% bank account than paying these idiots to lose your money for you.

@Kirsty G

Same experience for me. They have been reported to FCA in UK and ARIF in Switzerland.

Unfortunately, in Switzerland there is no financial ombudsman for this type of institution and the regulation is only by membership of an organisation primarily interested in money laundering. It is a scandal that they are still allowed to operate.


There’s a few of us logging complaints with several regulatory bodies currently about GWM. That includes the Central Bank in the UAE.

GWM will not get away with this corporate theft for much longer. Their sales reps who are not by any stretch financial advisors are just as much reported as the company itself.

It seems the media is interested in their unethical company too, which means less business! Don’t give up, nail them.


I had a similar experience with GWM, in the sense that I was sold a product which I did not want, agreed with or even signed the contract for. Lost £6000 because the advisor did not care about my personal circumstances and in a desperate attempt to make me commit to investing money in a product I could not afford or want at the time, he falsified my signature on the documents and issued the contract to the insurance company.

The next minute, my account is being debited £1500/month, and there is no way I can cancel from my end since I need the confirmation of the company concerned (GWM). I can not get in contact with my advisor since he would not answer my calls or replay to my e-mails, and the head office is telling me he is the only person who can help me with my problem. Came back to the UK 6 months later (this all happened while I was in the Middle East of course), and tried to complain to GWM in London.

After 10 months of "investigating" y concerns and looking into the evidence I provided, the head of compliance and apparently the Board of Directors decided to reject my complaint. I am now forced to take them to court in a desperate try to recuperate the £6000, which would have been part of my daughter's trust fund.