Review with GWM for my plans is annually. My advisor Max Gerstein is great.

This year my review covered all topics that I needed to know regarding my plan and any other ways to increase my returns with other plans for the future. My review with him has made me trust the company even more, his friendly attitude was very refreshing. This review was essential considering the negative trend in the market. My portfolio was not performing that bad because GWM advised me to rebalance towards the end of October.

I received an email from them regarding my portfolio that told me the necessary changes that I needed to make and these were recommended by the CIO. I had told them that I would like to go ahead with the changes. The explanation in the email was great and I knew why they were asking me to make changes. Later that week, I also received a call from Max telling me about these changes.

Moving into 2020, I was already in a good place before my review.

For my review Max was prepared and spoke about how my returns have been and what should I expect in the future. I felt content and understood that my policy, monies and future was taken care of.

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