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Guardian takes legitimate complaints and concerns very seriously. Should you have a genuine complaint please contact us in writing in the first instance. Your nearest office can be found at Our Quality Procedures ensure your case will be investigated and responded to within 8 weeks of your letter; sooner if possible. In response to your initial comments I have reviewed our suite of products and am unable to find any plans that are not flexible and only redeem fully on death. This logic can only be applied to certain life policies designed to pay on death and in no way could be defined as savings plans. To that end I find it very unlikely that this is a genuine complaint as the details, on initial review, seem inaccurate. I therefore kindly request that you contact us in writing outlining the nature of your complaint, when the issues arose, where the policy commenced and by whom it was proposed. Please also include any relevant policy numbers and previous communications you have if possible. Although rare, with over 7,000 satisfied clients, we do understand that mistakes can happen and Guardian will work hard to ensure that your issues are resolved to your satisfaction. Head of Compliance, Guardian Wealth Management
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They use a lot of big words to try to confuse you, then say *** things like "the value of your plan going down is a good thing" or "your plan will grow as long as you continue to contribute".

In the sales process every answer is positive, "very flexible" "move the money around" "use for life events" - then, once in you find that you cannot stop/decrease contributions without walking away from it all, the money once in can't come out till you are dead.

They will do anything for you as long as you are providing them with money, as soon as you ask a question they disappear - about a year now I have been working on getting them to answer questions about my money.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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How can this be true when you are given options in what you want to invest in? If you want access to your money, you should choose a different product.