For the 1 year I've been with Guardian management, Mr Neil Glaze has done a wonderful job in guiding my finances for the long term. Such great financial advisors him and his colleague Pete Gollogly have been to me. They have been there for me at all times and supplied...
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Paul is a consummate professional; extremely articulate; analytical; hard working and service-oriented. I would recommend Paul implicitly, for any individual seeking financial advice and guidance. Paul has provided such a good service for me, my family and friends that...
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I sought advice from several companies which included Guardian Life Management. In my eyes Jonathan Lumb was the only adviser who listened with a professional, disinterested open mind. He took into account the benefits of my membership, the idiosyncrasies of the Scheme...
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I am pleased to have Matthew overseeing my investment portfolio. He takes care to ensure that I’m confident and well-informed in the decisions I make, by thoroughly explaining the products and options we discuss, and giving ample opportunity to ask questions and time...
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In my 10 years working experience, I’ve met few that are as organized, proactive and responsible as Matthew. He is very dedicated to his work and clients and has extensive knowledge of investment products and financial markets. Matthew is not onlu a great financial...
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I have been working with Matthew of many years now and I can only admire his acute professionalism, financial mastership and in-depth knowledge of global financial markets. Matthew is 100% trustworthy and always ready to help. Luis Cuervo Spottorno
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Catastrophic advice, resulting in the loss of 90% of my investment in 2 years. No one in their right mind should go anywhere near Guardian Wealth Management.
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I have known my Guardian Advisor for years as he was recommended to me by a work colleague when I was looking to find a mortgage. Since then I have asked for his services as Financial Advisor multiple times. He has been an invaluable expert on my Finances, life...
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A real professional, my advisor helped me consolidate my pensions into a UK SIPP, advising on a portfolio of investments which offered the right mix of risk and reward for my circumstances. He has always taken time to explain the benefits and risks of each investment...
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Although GWM are all qualified and regulated which puts them ahead of most of IFA section it really depends on the advisor you get ie is this guy trust worthy . Simple test with all these guys . If he doesn't outline the pitfalls such as the initial contribution...
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