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Guardian Wealth Management - It is so refreshing to find somebody who genuinely cares about your financial future

Guardian Wealth Management
I first met Ethan about 3 years ago and he did a fantastic job of untangling the mess that was my pensions from various different sources over the years. Everything was approached without any fuss and was explained at every step. The policy has performed well and there have been regular communications along the way to keep me informed of progress. Ethan is a guy you can trust. He follows through on everything he says and is my first port of call... Read more

Guardian Wealth Management - He has given me peace of mind

Guardian Wealth Management
As an expat in the UAE I, as many others, am trying to use the opportunity to invest extra money for a long term investment. Cormac has been instrumental in a few ways: 1) He highlighted how a previous service provider was not necessarily investing my money in line with my risk profile. 2) I find his personal interaction and communication extremely professional, and he has been in contact with me constantly. 3) He has given me peace of mind... Read more

Guardian Wealth Management - I'm very pleased with the customer service

Guardian Wealth Management
Jamie took over my under-performing portfolios and turned them around in a matter of months. Jamie has also helped set up my troisieme pillier and explained the process in full. I'm very pleased with the customer service he offers as well as patience in explaining financial issues to a non-expert!
On behalf of GWM I apologise for the fact that you have found cause to raise concerns in relation to the services you have received. I can confirm that GWM takes any such comments seriously and as a result your concerns have been forwarded to our Compliance Department...
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Guardian Wealth Management - What financial advice?

I’ve been with Guardian Wealth since June 2017 and they have never contacted me once in this time to discuss my funds. In that period they lost £4000 & they never once thought to contact me to review the situation. In my opinion they are only interested in obtaining there commission when setting up the accounts and then leave you to it, absolute rubbish!!

Guardian Wealth Management - Unqualified crooks

These crooks infiltrate expat circles around the Middle East creating a sense of credibility and trust. They are no more than used car salesmen with an entertainment expense account. Their schemes have effected many expats in Saudi Arabia, they closed their offices here a couple of years ago.To cut the story short, I lost around £30k from blindly investing in the worst investment product performer through their ‘financial advice’. Their commission for selling this product was the highest. DO NOT USE THESE CROOKS
Guardian Wealth Management - Unimaginable pain
For those expats who have followed all the news about UNAIDS, I was the first woman to win a sexual harassment case against them before the Tribunal. It was an 8 year battle that left me emotionally and psychologically bruised. I put my money into an Old Mutual fund...
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Guardian Wealth Management's reply to:

GWM takes any complaints or concerns expressed very seriously. As such a senior consultant has been in touch with yourself to discuss these directly with you. We have also referred your points onto our Compliance Department. In accordance with our procedures your case...
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I had the worst experience ever and their unprofessional-ism, incompetence of the advisers and insincerity were continuously on display by staff and top management alike. Beware! They can sell ice during winter but then will drop you and will let you sink while they...
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I agree with this posting. I have just lost a huge amount of money. You're better off sticking your money in a 0% bank account than paying these idiots to lose your money for ...


There’s a few of us logging complaints with several regulatory bodies currently about GWM. That includes the Central Bank in the UAE. GWM will not get away with this corporate...

I didn't like
  • How my complaint was handled
I have lost 40,000 Euros to these crooks. Be aware, they are selling you Structured Notes, pretending that they are capital protected. This is a big lie! All that these products are giving is a high commission to this unethical company, and leave you with a policy that...
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Guardian Wealth Management - Tyla is a great professional and a great person

Being the skeptical scientist that I am, it is often not easy for me to accept advice from others, but there is no doubt that the development of my finances has been much better under his guidance than it would have been otherwise. In short, Tyla is a great professional and a great person. Recommended!

Guardian Wealth Management - Carla was on hand to answer any questions we had along the way

Carla really helped us navigate the process of consolidating and optimising our pension portfolio and other investments. Carla was on hand to answer any questions we had along the way. Once we had decided what to do, Carla managed all the admin to make the process smooth and easy. We are really happy with the service we got from Guardian and Carla is a pleasure to work with.

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I am a professional Engineer with over 30 years' experience in Nuclear Power industry. A couple of years ago I was fortunate to be presented with the chance to put my experience to good use in supporting the Abu Dhabi Government's ground breaking aspiration to build 4...
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